Let’s Work Together!

What can we do for you? I’m glad you asked! There are lots of ways that we can connect and collaborate:

Freelance Writing and Travel Writing

Wind Walker is a published author and prolific writer with a unique perspective on traveling. Both of us (Wind and Allison) write the amazing content you see on this blog. If you would like a specific article written for you, let us know!

Mindful Leadership Training & Workshops

We have combined years of experience in business, staff management and motivation, and organizational skills. We know that the people who run businesses and NGO’s work hard, and often need some extra training or restructuring ideas to help your organization grow. With team building, leadership building, and mindfulness workshops, we can empower you to bring your organization and team into full effectiveness. Contact us and we can discuss the details.

Workshops, Retreat Appearances, Etc.

If you would like us to speak at your event, or even organize a retreat for you to experience some of the wonderful things we have written about, we would love to work with you. All it takes is sending us a message, and we can discuss the details and get creative together!

In-Person Healing Sessions

Wind Walker is an energy worker, certified in Reiki and massage. Allison can access information from your guides and higher self through channeling. If we are in your city or the same city your are visiting, let’s set up a session! You can visit our blog to get updates on where we are, or just send us an email.

Donate We welcome any donation you would like to send us! Donations help us continue to travel and seek meaningful experiences to share. Thank you!

Click here to donate via our PayPal.



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