As we travel, one of the most enjoyable things we have done is gather groups together to meditate. Meditation requires no religion or background of any kind- indeed it transcends all borders! Each group session is different, but we always go over the basics of meditation before we get started, for any beginners who join us. If you would like to offer up your home or business venue as a space for a group meditation while we are in your area, please email us at

During July and August, 2014, we are in Mt. Vernon, WA, and Cascade, ID (USA). See the right sidebar for a complete list of where we have been this year, and where we are heading next!

Schedule of Group Meditations: 

   *none scheduled, check back in the next five days.



    *no events scheduled, subscribe to our blog for updates. You can also visit our Let’s Work Together page if you’d like see how you can bring us in for an event you are hosting!

Zen Monkees meditation



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