New Blog: Follow Us!

Hello everyone!

Wind and Allison

We have been absent from Zen Monkees for a few weeks now, busily following the passions that are closest to our hearts. After a break, we have decided to put this blog on hold while we move full steam ahead into the new things we are creating!

And for the big announcement: we have a new website!

This will be our platform for life coaching (individuals, couples, and businesses), planning retreats and workshops, announcing public speaking, a regular video blog, writing, and all sorts of creative endeavors. Needless to say, we are stoked!

Reintegrating into the tech world! And its all good.

Reintegrating into the tech world! And its all good.

The Zen Monkees blog has been such a gift. Through it, we have met amazing people, found adventures, and gained a voice that gave us confidence to reintroduce ourselves back into the world (after some extensive alone time for both of us). With, we will have less of a focus on travel, and more of a spotlight on our intuitive and spiritual interests. We will keep the fun and social aspects of ZenMonkees, and bring with us all the lessons we have learned here.

We hope you will join us on our new website!

If you would like us to follow your website, please leave the address in the comments below. Thank you!


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