Throwing a Tantrum CAN be Zen!

Today, we remembered one of the most amazing ways to get to our inner zen. It is one of the most important ways, too, but we’ve been painfully wired to believe that it is impure…impolite…downright wrong, even.

Fire Energy: Zen?

Yes, one of the most tremendous ways we can reach deep into our soul is through Fire Energy. That’s right: Yell, scream, throw a tantrum, curse with every expletive you can summon, breathe forcefully…whatever you can creatively come up with to let that “ROOOOAAAARRRRRR” out. Remember Robin Williams’ (RIP, dear friend) “Barbaric YAWP” in Dead Poets Society? Get into yourself and let it soar!

The belated, and quite controversial, Osho created meditations around this very energy…it is the core of our soul. The Universe and all of its creations? Fire and intense energy. As micro versions of the same materials that make up our universe, we, too, are steeped in fire. Whose brilliant idea was it anyway to ever tell us that we have to suppress this most creative of forces?

Fire Energy: Zen?

By reaching our boiling points today, we suddenly burst into child-like laughter at how much we’ve been overlooking the need to spend a little time honoring that Fire within. It is the right brain wanting to remain alive; the creative flow of all life.

Our long suppression of a birthright has been throwing off our individual, and our collective, balance for quite some time. When we could no longer keep the lid on it, we found ourselves feeling refreshed and prepared to come back into our bodies again. What this did for us was magical, miraculous: Life flowed.

The question, therefore, is not that we need to allow all of our energies to be developed; rather, it is in how we balance them all in one vessel. By finding that balance, we reach a transcendence…we discover our inner zen. So I put this out to you as a challenge: Rage on, if you need to. But don’t forget to meditate. Don’t hurt yourself, or hurt others. This is not a test to see how much more pain and anger we can spread. If you want to run for 24 hours, by all means do it! But follow it up with some water or earth energy.

Do you already work with your fire energy? If so, how do you balance it? In either case, do you experience any zen moments that you’d like to share with us?



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