The 20/20 Experience, Day 20!

The 20/20 Experience is our goal of meditation for 20 days, 20 minutes each day. Also check out Day 1 and Day 10.


I’ve reached the end of my “20 for 20” and really, I’ve learned a lot over the past few weeks.

I gave myself this challenge because I wanted to “up my game” so to speak: when I sat down to meditate, I wasn’t always finding that zero-point, the place of inner calm that I love so much. It seemed a bit inconsistent, and because we had just returned to the US after traveling abroad I was extra squirrelly and didn’t want to lose all of the calm I have worked so diligently to have in my life.

Meditation: it’s better than sitting around doing nothing!

It’s been a fun few weeks of unexpected lessons. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Lesson 1: I don’t need to commit to 20 minutes. 

Just a few days ago as I sat down for my daily 20, it occurred to me that the whole deal of setting a timer wasn’t making my meditation deeper at all; instead I found myself letting my mind wander and not  getting centered right away, because after all I had a full 20 minutes to do this… When I eased up on the structure, I took my time more seriously, and allowed myself to settle in right away. The irony is that the first day I went without a timer, I actually meditated for 30 minutes, just because I was really enjoying myself.

Lesson 2: I really DO need to do this everyday.

Creating a habit for myself of meditating on the peaceful days made it much easier to do it on the un-good days. I had an easy “go-to” for calming any inner restlessness that came up because I had already “gone-to” it so many times before, and I knew it would work! Being able to find my center when my emotions were swirling around gave me confidence to face anything that came up.

Lesson 3: Creating a mindful practice translates into every other area of my life.

As the saying goes, a rising tide floats all boats. Because I took time daily to be more grounded and calm, I became more mindful in general. I started drinking more water daily, and Wind and I started running almost every day (another fun new thing!) Plus I am able to process each event in my life through a clearer filter.

Lesson 4: Not only is meditation helpful, I also think it’s FUN.

Wow, sitting in the zero-point, centered space feels really really good. I would actually choose meditation over a lot of other activities (if I had to choose) because it’s become fun for me! I like it as much as eating brownies, listening to my favorite music, and cuddling.

So if you’re interested in meditation but it seems daunting, or even if you’ve never really considered it before, I hope my experience sheds some light on the subject for you.

Do you have a daily meditation practice? What have your learned? Share in the comments below!



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