Tuesday Ten!

Time for another Tuesday Ten! Our awesome weekly curation of wonderful things from around the web.

1. #SupermoonSunday

WOW, has anyone else been feeling the heavy, shifting energy over the past few days? We have, and it seems to be bringing up root chakra issues: feeling secure, wanting control, and things that tend to stem from childhood. What have you been feeling?

This  is our favorite picture from the SuperMoon we experienced on Sunday night, brought to you by @interrete on Twitter.

SuperMoon interrete zen monkees

2. Another big event this week: goodbye Robbin Williams. You brought a new brand of comedy and heart to the world and you were one of my favorite comedic actors.

I will deeply miss this man’s presence in the world. 

Robbin Williams quote

3. One of my favorite bloggers, Candace Rose Reardon, shares some fantastic advice/thoughts on how to let go of what’s not working in favor of was IS. Plus her artwork is beautiful.

4. An incredibly inspiring man (understatement) talks about having a terrorist father, and choosing a life of love and healing.

His book is available for purchase on September 9th.

5. A few weeks ago we posted Why Don’t We Meditate? which explores some of the fears we may have around taking the leap into sitting still. I really like this post that provides some great ways to get motivated and make meditation fun!

6. I LOVE the frankness of the travel bloggers from God Speed a Mighty Balloon as they talk about how to deal with your period while traveling.

7. Even though it often feels like we share a brain, Wind and I still recognize how important it is to spend committed, intentional, and technology-free time together. This week we took some time for each of the 14 items on this list, and I can say it brought us closer.

8. Nothing says “sexy librarian” like a literary scarf! (Click the photo to get one!)

9. I’m looking into public speaking, and based on the little experience I already have, I know how nerve wracking it can be! Fellow travel blogger Liz from The Young Adventuress got the opportunity to give a TED talk (awesome!!) and posted it, with her thoughts on the experience, on her blog.

10. And number ten on this week’s list is… Go Outside! Spend some time away from the phone, computer, and TV, and be in nature!


Which is your favorite? See you next week!!



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