Tuesday Ten

NEW! Tuesday Ten is our new weekly post where we share with you 10 wonderful, zen-ful, and inspiration things we have found around the web. Enjoy!


1. Want to be a part of setting the new world record for the most people meditating at one time?

“When people meditate in a group, their happiness can spill out onto others and create a ripple effect of good vibrations.” -Deepak Chopra

Join us on August 8th, we will be connecting remotely!

2. We fly a lot, which I happen to love; but the long periods of time sitting down, along with changing air pressure, can really make me feel yucky. Enter airplane yoga. (You can also make your pre- and post-flight experience better by visiting an airport meditation and/or yoga room.)

3. These Cauliflower Lettuce Wraps are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and grain free… And they look delicious! I will be making them this week (hopefully with Wind’s help, he’s really the cook around here!)

4. I love this post about how to use crowd funding to take the trip of your dreams.


uncommon goods latitude longitude pendant5. This Latitude Longitude Pendant necklace reminds me of the medical bracelet that I used to wear as a kid… but much cuter. It would make an amazing gift for the travel-lover in your life to help them always remember where home is.

6. An absolutely amazing post filled with creative ideas for a date night for steady-eddies (adult couples, with or without kids). I am taking her advice on “Stay up late to watch a meteor shower or blood moon” and ” Part one and part two.

7. Some people like to listen to soothing music while meditating, and if that’s you, you’ll love this.

8. Wind has written a beautiful post about his experiences surfing and finding peace on his personal blog:

After what must have been about twenty minutes of paddling, rolling, paddling, rolling, and finally losing energy, I realized the only progress I had made was to be pushed down-shore to an area with no beach; I was in front of the rocky wall that led up to Highway 101, and no other surfers were anywhere near me. This should have been the cue for me to find a way to exit…I was never a great paddler to begin with, no matter how strong I was.

It never occurred to me that physical strength alone isn’t the answer to navigating the tough challenges.

 9. Probably the most inspiring video we’ve seen all week. If each of us had no fear of what others might think, would we be just like him?


10. And finally, the documentary Maidentrip reminds me of Into the Wild. “In the wake of a yearlong battle with Dutch authorities that sparked a global storm of media scrutiny, Laura Dekker explores the world in search of freedom and adventure.” I continue to be inspired by the fiercely determined younger generation, many of whom have no doubts about the endless possibilities that life allows.


See you next week!



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