The 20/20 Experience: Day 10

“The 20/20 Experience” is our commitment to 20 days of meditation for 20 minutes a day. Check out our Day 1 post here.

Meditation quote david lynch about meditation. com zen monkees

I can safely say that if we hadn’t given ourselves this 20 day challenge, we would have missed out on A LOT of our meditation practice over the past week and a half; we are once again finding ourselves busy with many-many-many projects, and an 11-hour overnight roadtrip a couple days ago that threw off our sleep pattern (again). We missed a couple days, but all in all we have been successful at creating a habit for ourselves.

The most amazing part about all this is that 20 minutes is beginning to feel like a small amount of time.

I have been meditating irregularly for almost two years, and yet committing to more than 10 minutes each day, regularly, was a little daunting. And I say that here because I want to be clear with anyone reading this that, in all honesty, meditation can be intimidating for anyone! But it’s completely do-able, and making a commitment can really help in overcoming those fears of sitting still (check out this post, Why Don’t We Meditate).

Daily meditation has another lovely side-effect: I’m finding that this deeper level of mindfulness is spreading into every aspect of my life. I have started drinking 2 liters of water per day, because I suddenly realized that I am almost always drinking much less water than I need to; and Wind and I are really in the flow with each other and our life path together, so much so that we are creating our new business venture and will be announcing it in the next couple weeks! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! Each step is literally falling into place. It seems we just needed to create some space in our lives for this to happen.

Do you want to join us in a commitment to daily meditation? Say hello on Facebook, or leave a comment below!



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