The 20/20 Experience – Day 1

We’re back in the continental US after five months of travel: Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and a short time in both Singapore and Alaska before landing in Washington state to spend some time with family.

Admittedly, returning to the energy of the US and civilized Western society has been a shock to the system. We realized we needed a more intensive practice of mindfulness if we wanted to maintain the peace we had found during the last leg of our travels, and so we came up with a plan of action:

I'm SURE this is what Justin Timberlake was talking about...

I’m SURE this is what Justin Timberlake was talking about…

Starting today! As enthusiastic as we’ve been about meditation over the past couple months, we’ve still been irregular in our practice, and when we do meditate it’s for short bursts of 5-10 minutes. Much like a physical exercise training program, this will help us turn meditation into more of a habit and give us a goal to stick to even on the difficult days. We’ll be blogging about our “20/20 Experience” over the next few weeks.


If you’d like to join us in this challenge, leave a comment below or meet us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll send some encouragement your way!



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