Cambodia: A Portal To The Self

This post originally appeared on Wind’s personal blog, It’s a Miraculous Universe.

Time is Wind-ing down in our SE Asia warp. Just that statement alone offers me a multi-path junction to pursue; so many places I can chase the rabbit hole with what we’ve learned and experienced from what will be five months of soul-searching in the enchanted Far East, as we Westerners have traditionally called this part of the globe.

Tradition is the Illusion of Permanence


As we waited for the bus to take us from our home of the past two months, Sihanoukville, Cambodia, north to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, a young Khmer woman was wearing a shirt with the above quote. If you’ve ever been to SE Asia one thing you would be acutely aware of are the many shirts the locals wear with English sayings that, frankly, don’t make any sense. So when I saw this quote on the woman’s shirt, I had to do a double-take.

It was probably the most profound moment I have had in our journey, which began back in late February. What apparently is a Woody Allen quote might very well have been made specifically for Cambodia. What, exactly, does tradition offer us, anyway?

For context, you have to understand that Cambodia is quite probably what Lord of the Flies would eventually become as the children grow into adults. With most of its population killed that could critically think and carry on traditions of Cambodia’s past, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge just may have ultimately served its purpose despite its end from Vietnamese forces in 1979.

Basically, Cambodia is today the remaining survivors and their children. It is a living, breathing example of children raising children, without the long segue into industrialism and capitalism that much of the rest of us have had.

To stay true to my intention here, I bring this up as a way of defining how invaluable, perfect even, ending our SE Asian trek in Cambodia has become. Until our arrival in this particular country, it could be said that we had no idea exactly what we were seeking when we set out. So many things have come to pass while we’ve been in this part of the world, and most of it was not easy internally.

We have fought: our inner demons have been brought to the surface in very menacing ways, playing out in forms that we were neither prepared for nor happy to encounter. But we survived. We dealt with them if for no other reason than to find out what was on the other side of the beast’s ugly head.

We have slept with cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, nasty sewage and rotten food odors, and mildewed beds. We’ve squatted to excrete and then showered with probably the same water since both systems are within inches of each other.

We survived the affected cultures that a mostly tourist economy has tainted, where corruption and almost total lawlessness are the name of the game.

We were frightened into near paralysis, and through some Universal magic – and some persistence – we overcame deeper phobias and landed in a place of an almost too-vulnerable Heart Space; too vulnerable, that is, for a life controlled by the mind and ego. And through it?

We landed in a mystic Garden of Eden, which is a reality only within.

Three-quarters of a year ago Cambodia came to us in a meditation/channeling as a place we needed to go soon. We all but tossed that idea out the window on our current income. It wasn’t until we actually were packed for the cold extremes of Iceland that military travel literally led us to Singapore; we knew something was amiss.

Looking back to the first inspiration in November, it all makes so much sense now: the signs of the Universe are quite clear when we can make room to listen. That was our downfall when we first began, listening. And now? We are in a much more open and intentional flow with our Guides, Angels…the Universe. It, they, haven’t led us astray at all.

In the life of a mystic there is only the relationship with the Beloved (in Sufism), and all else is just distraction. I would assert that we all will be “mystics” at some point in our path, but it is a calling that must come at its own Divine time. For us, our time clearly has been called for anything we do of our own will just produces more bumps in what could be a very smooth road. We didn’t have to experience so many frustrations early in our Asian adventure, but surviving them has made us essentially Lemurian-types of crystals. We are open to receive, and to not hold within what must pass through without judgment.

As we round the corner to the place that came to me in Thailand during a spontaneous channeling – Angkor Wat – we are somewhat anticipatory for what the Beloved has in store. During the battle with my dragon with three weeks remaining in Thailand, staring deeply into the beast’s soul, I started seeing Angkor Wat’s ornate red and gold caps standing divinely over a bustling 1300′s sacred city. Intertwined cobras came to me, and all told me that Cambodia held a very powerful key for the two of us as Twin Flames.

I had no idea intertwined cobras were a common statue in Khmer culture.

What awaits us our final week here is still unknown. It might not even fully show itself to us for some time after we leave, as that is how the Universe works. But since we have essentially pried open to receive through our time in this land of wonders, it is certain that we will be given more than the mind can handle. Because Cambodia has shown us how to live in the Heart Space, we have eternal gratitude for being amongst its perhaps necessarily child-like approach to life. Simply? We love these people and what they have taught us.

Tradition is truly the Illusion of Permanence. Nothing is permanent, only the Creator…the Beloved. Erase old thoughts and patterns, and watch the Universe light a way that we could have never seen with our critical eyes. Be amongst the mystical path, and join us in a new vibration of life!

~Wind Walker Author: Angel Messenger



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