Reiki Balance While Traveling

7_Chakras[1]This may not be a topic that everyone would immediately think of when considering valuable travel experiences, but because I’ve struggled with that thought myself now for about two years I thought I’d try and tackle it briefly.

When I was attending massage therapy schools in Boise and Sedona in 2012, I also went the extra distance and included Reiki in my repertoire for various reasons. First off, I was simply intrigued by all the rave. Secondly, I wanted to travel upon completion of my massage certification (Thailand was the destination of choice at the time) and figured that maybe I could do some sort of a traveling massage and energy-work venture which might help fund my travels. In fact, this latter rationale was truly the driving force behind my entire 2012 methodology of the schooling I attended.

I’m finding that the key to traveling successfully, as with anything in life really, is to find balance. Typically, many think that traveling just for a much-needed vacation is going to bring this balance. Maybe it can and does. For me, not so much. After several weeks of SE Asia experiences it became pretty clear that our own journey was accomplishing little more than tipping the scales into emotional, mental, and physical deficit. We needed to find a sanctuary of some sort, and weren’t quite feeling ready for the rigors of undertaking our first Vipassana.

Through our Mindfulness final stop in Thailand we found the space to work on our long overdue inner and collective balances. For me, it wouldn’t have been fully possible if I hadn’t decided to allow the nagging intuitions of resuming my Reiki/Energy work practices to come to fruition. Thirteen months ago I put a halt to massage and energy work at the final stop of my South American venture, uncertain if or when I would ever come back to the practice. And to be clear, it’s not quite Reiki proper that I practice. Rather, it’s a mixture of various methods I’ve picked up combined with more intuition than anything, where I’m more a meditative channel than a “healer”.

That’s not necessarily important, though. What is important to know is how being the practitioner gives me the same benefits as the recipient, because I’m also open to the relaxation and other things that can come through an energy work session. In fact, Allison decided during one session to remain in the vicinity and close her eyes, finding herself in a much-needed small slumber after a long, sleepless night the evening prior.

Reiki proper can help with many things, from the simple relaxation needs all the way through major disease assistance. Much research has been done on its benefits, including in my beloved VA hospitals, and a good practitioner can really affect many positive influences on a person’s inner balance. is a great place to read about it, as is the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

In about five days I performed six or seven sessions and things really began to take a welcome change in me for some of the imbalances that I had been accumulating up to the moment, something I hadn’t considered could happen should I flow back into practice. Each of the recipients reported a deep calm at the very least, to include a trance that had hitherto been out of reach even during meditations. Most reported calming, peaceful sleeps the same night post-energy work, as well as more mindfulness and connection to themselves. For me, I found a much overdue tranquility after around my third session that sustained through the remaining few days on this farm…even now, several days later.

I would conclude then that it might be worth considering some form of energy work if you can find it during your own travels, even if it means setting up a free or nominally-charged practice of your own if you are a practitioner. The risks with energy work are that emotional blockages can be present and stubborn, which can cause some anger or crying to surface. One can possibly develop a headache or other physical resistances to the deep calm that is being offered. The best that can happen: well, you might experience a complete life change. And isn’t that the reason many of us are traveling to begin with?


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